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Ramani Navigation

Ramani offers both online and offline navigation to an individual driver.

School Management Software

This was the flagship ERP solution designed to serve schools of any kind.

Hospital Management Software

This is the ERP for Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies and a number of Health service providers.

Kash ERP

This is the ideal ERP for general business, Microfinance, credit management &Property Management.

Messaging & Voice Apps

We have solutions that can be tailored to meet the voice and messaging needs of any enterprise.

IT Managed Services

We design responsive websites with SEO and offer support as a managed service.

Our Slogan soaring above the rest

Professional Service

Our Goals as a company are
1. To grow into the largest one-stop ICT solutions provider in the East and Central African region.
2. To expand our domain into real estate, education, health and finance.

It sounds cliche, "There is nothing new under the sun." But at Eygo, talent is nurtured. We are the future - with a vibrant, talented, dedicated team of creative programmers and developers doing a totally new thing producing the best up to par software for all business solutions.

soaring above th rest